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Trauma Cleanup Basics

What is trauma cleanup?

You might be sitting there on the couch watching criminal minds or another favorite show and think, ‘What happens to all the blood spots after they are done?’ or ‘I feel sorry for whoever has to clean up that mess’ and you would be right in saying that, because someone does have to clean that. This is exactly what trauma clean-up is. It is a highly trained team that deals with cleaning, sanitizing and restoring a home or business to its state prior to a trauma incident. Trauma incidents can encompass many different events including suicide, homicide, blood spills, undiscovered death, tear gas and any other incident exposing an area to harmful chemicals or bodily fluids.

Who should clean up after a trauma incident?

Depending on the circumstances you might be thinking you can do the cleanup yourself, but most individuals and even cleaning companies are not equipped to properly clean and sanitize areas after contamination from bodily fluids. Depending on the incident, trying to do it yourself can expose you to dangerous health hazards such as bodily fluids, mold, biological waste and other hazardous materials. When dealing with a trauma cleanup need, the sooner, the better. If you wait this could lead to additional or more severe health risks for you and your loved ones. Regardless of the situation, the trauma clean-up specialists at Immaculate Restoration have seen everything you can think of and are ready to help return your home or business to it’s previous state.

Trauma Clean Up Expert

The trauma clean-up process

Going through or discovering a traumatic event is stressful enough without having to worry about all of the steps involved in cleaning, sanitizing and restoring your home or business. Cleaning up after a trauma incident requires a lot more than a strong stomach and some elbow grease. It’s crucial to follow regulated process and procedures to ensure a space is safe for people to return to after a trauma incident. At Immaculate Restoration, our IICRC certified teams first put on their personal protective equipment to remain as safe as possible during the clean up. This personal protective equipment consists of gloves, biohazard suits, masks, and shoe covering. Once they have taken the proper safety precautions, the team cleans and extracts all chemicals and bodily fluids. Any extracted material and any thing that is unable to be safely restored will be disposed of safely and legally. After sanitizing and disinfecting steps are taken, special equipment is used to ensure that any dangerous micro-organisms have been removed so that you can rest easy.

Immaculate Restoration

We provide 24/7 service, free estimates and our team are trained in the latest standards from the IICRC. Immaculate Restoration is the company for you if you need a trauma incident cleaned up. Our trauma cleanup experts assist with everything from public crime scenes to private undiscovered deaths. Immaculate Restoration also helps with spills of bodily fluid and other harmful materials. When you call us for a trauma cleanup, you can rest assured that we will follow the proper procedures for cleaning body fluids and other harmful diseases to leave your home or office safe. Beyond the technical qualifications, our team is is dedicated to delivering extraordinary customer experience and make every effort to be sensitive when our clients are still going through the aftermath of a traumatic event.

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