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Sewage Cleanup Service

Our sewage backup cleanup team at Immaculate Restoration knows the importance of providing speedy water damage restoration services during these circumstances, and our technicians are IICRC certified to do just that. When you work with our sewage backup cleanup team, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the water and waste will be cleaned up properly and all water restoration services will be implemented effectively. Our office is open 24/7, so you can call us the moment a sewage backup occurs. Once our technicians are notified about your sewage emergency, they’ll be able to arrive to your Las Vegas property within an hour.

Our Sewage Backup Cleanup Process

We Cleanup and Remove Sewage

Our sewage cleanup process begins with a thorough removal of any and all sewage, water, and debris. Sewage is a very dangerous material with a cocktail of harmful bacteria and other organisms that can make you sick. It’s important when facing sewgae backup that you act promptly when calling a team to remove it. NEVER try to remove it yourself, even touching raw sewage can cause very nasty illnesses.

water removal

We replace damaged materials

Once all the sewage backup has been removed and cleaned, its time to start replacing any damaged building materials. Floors, carpet, walls, baseboards, furniture, and, more are alll subject to sever damage from sewage backup. Our team is very experienced with sewage cleanup and all that entails. We’ll professionally replace damaged flooring, walls, and more if they require it.

We Apply Disinfectant to the area

Possibly the most important part of any thorough sewage cleanup process is the application of disinfectant. Sewage backup poses a huge health risk when not properly dealt with. Our team works to ensure your safety with our advanced disinfectant application process that removes the harmful substances left behind from the sewage backup. This process should always be done by a professional to ensure maximum safety.

We remove Odors

After the other sewage cleanup steps have been taken its time to begin removing odors. Sewage is a foul substance that carries a very bad odor which can “soak” into anything nearby. We understand the importance of removing these odors and do so very well. Our team is professionally trained and very experienced with sewage backup cleanup. We will work tirelessly to remove the foul odors left behind from the sewage backup and leave your space fresh, clean, and safe.

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"A water pipe exploded above my ceiling and flooded my apartment. These awesome guys were called to assess and address the problem and they nailed it. Super professional and efficient. Water in my ceiling was cleared out without even needing to cut the ceiling open. However, just doing a good job isn’t enough to get 5 stars from me. They went above and beyond when they noticed my wife and I were panicked due to all the flooding and stopped what he was doing to explain the situation to me by showing me the measurements of moisture through his devices, giving me the rundown on his procedures, and letting me know the situation is under control. I couldn’t be more grateful for that peace of mind!"

24/7 Sewage Backup Services

If you have experienced s at age backup at your home or office, give us a call right away. The longer you wait, the greater the danger for exposure to harmful bacteria and the higher chance of serious damage to the affected area. We have teams of sewage cleanup technicians around the Las Vegas Valley that can be to you in less than an hour

Restoration Services

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Water & Drying

After storms, floods or burst pipes, water can sometimes invade your home. Water left standing is never a good experience. Whether it is rain water from, a leak from outside or a burst pipe somewhere in your home, Immaculate  should be your first call for water restoration.

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Fire & Smoke

Fires can displace families and disrupt businesses, leaving behind extensive damage from smoke, flames and soot. Fire compromises structural integrity of a building. Contact Immaculate for a free estimate for your fire restoration needs.

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Mold infestation of any kind is a danger that cannot be ignored. Immaculate Restoration puts the health of your family first by thoroughly removing the mold avoiding further growth and preventing possible health complications from mold exposure.

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Trauma & Waste

Immaculate Restoration has a professional services team dedicated to cleaning up after homicides, murders, suicide, death and accident situations. Our certified teams will clean up any bio hazard situation affecting a home or business.

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